7 Bizarre Stories You Would Not Believe

Every now and then we come across stories that are so unbelievable that we would second-guess if they are true or not. With the internet, however, we can always double-check and fact-check whether these stories happened. In this article, we will look at seven of the most bizarre stories that have gone viral over the internet. You might be curious as to why a couple who found a camera on the beach sent them looking for the owner real fast. Besides, you could read an interesting real estate story involving a 96-year-old seller. Also, we would be sharing a story about some firefighters who went on to rescue a litter of pups but turned out to be something else. There are still some other stories that are waiting for you. Take a look at these amazing stories we found on the internet.

Woman Lists House, Buyers Went Crazy


Being a real estate agent means seeing and hearing it all. Prospective buyers will complain about the current state of the house. Some will say the mortgage is too high and could not afford it at all. Meanwhile, sellers would always inflate the value of their homes and get the real estate agent to sell it at a higher price.

A job in real estate is always about balancing the needs of the buyers and the sellers. It is not an easy job. There should be full disclosure when selling houses, especially if it has a bad history so that the buyers will not be surprised one day reading about their new home in the news. On any given day, a real estate agent would want a straightforward purchase or listing. However, the opposite tends to happen such as when these real estate agents, sisters at that, received a call from a 96-year-old woman who will move to a nursing facility.

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Another Transaction

Sisters Gladys and Carla Spizzirri were in for a surprise. While Gladys claimed that she had seen it all, she was not ready for what was about to happen. She already has vast experience in dealing with houses, short of roof repair. Carla, on the other hand, is relatively new to the industry, having only started in 2009.

This story takes place on a regular day at the house of the two real estate agents when the phone suddenly rang. “Looks like we will have another listing,” Carla predicted. It indeed was, and on the other side of the phone was a 96-year-old woman named Joyce from the Bloom West Village area in Toronto, Canada. This neighborhood is not far from the city’s central business district, so the house would probably be listed at a rather steep price, translating to a handsome commission for the two of them.

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Higher than Expected

As Carla listened to the elderly seller, she was surprised at how calm her demeanor was. She was also quite shocked that she was still living on her own at 96 and that it took this much time before she decided to move to an assisted living facility. As they were discussing the details of the house, Carla was also mentally calculating the value of the home, which would directly influence the money.

It was located at 148 Jane Street, which is a rather affluent neighborhood with storefronts and well-maintained roads. Mortgage alone for brand new houses in the village would be quite steep. The fact that it was near the business district was also a factor that drives the price up. If there were no significant repairs to the house, the realtors estimated that they could sell it for almost $1 million.

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She came up with the amount, $968,000, which Joyce said was higher than she anticipated, so they were both happy. However, the elderly woman mentioned something that made Carla worry. She told Clara that she has owned the house for 72 years and has had no problems with it – so why did this make Carla worry? Homes that have not been moved out of and into typically accumulate issues over time.

Sometimes the water or gas lines would have problems. The realtor sisters also had challenges with hoarders in the past, and they are the worst. They would keep almost everything they could get a hold of and then leave it in one room or area in their home. Cleaning services for one room alone would cost them $20,000, and this would have to be taken out of the market value of the property.

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With that in mind, the two decided that they should visit the house for an inspection. This will also help them determine the value and work on the final price. They were nervous since they might have signed up for a property listing that no one would buy. Although the picture shared by Joyce looked promising – the brick house that appeared to be in order – the realtors still needed to see the inside to assess any damage.

One of the scenarios could be requiring plumbing services to repair every pipe in the house, which they hope wouldn’t come to that. Thinking about worst-case scenarios won’t do any good, so the two drove over to Joyce’s house on the agreed date. They prepared themselves mentally to either ditch the listing or negotiate for a much lower price. However, they were in for another surprise.

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Not a Hoarder

Joyce ushered them inside her home upon their arrival, and the two were dazed. It was as if they entered a time capsule the moment they stepped into the living room – the house appeared frozen in time. They expected her to be a hoarder of the highest degree, but they were utterly wrong. Her house was one large Easter egg of period furniture and pastel colors.

It was a very feminine house, and each piece of furniture and appliances were carefully maintained. Although it coud be seen that some people had lived here, it was not difficult to see the degree of careful maintenance of the furniture that the host was very attentive. The Spizzirri sisters were surprised at how Joyce was able to keep the house in pristine condition. It was more of a time machine than a building. They began to wonder what the rest of the house looked like?

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A Tour

Each room was wallpapered with a style from the 1950s or 1960s. The same goes for the house’s carpeting. Color coordination was perfect, but what about the appliances? Even if these were being taken care of, surely it would need some updating? A house that is not adequately maintained can be a money pit for the next owner. Joyce and her husband can’t help wondering how much they’re going to invest in renovating the house.

At best, they will just need a new home security system for this house. At worst, they will need a complete overhaul. According to Joyce, she and her husband purchased this house back in 1942, and the only room that has been remodeled was the kitchen, which they did back in the 1960s. The realtors needed to carefully inspect every nook and cranny since there might be some hidden damages.

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In Order

Upon closer inspection, everything appeared to be in order. The refrigerator and the oven, which typically have a lifetime of around 10 to 15 years, were surprisingly kept in excellent condition. Since Joyce was a product of World War II and the recession, she knew how to take care of things around the home. Her care is not limited to the maintenance of furniture, but also electrical appliances. She knows how to use household appliances properly and maximize their service life.

She banked on her knowledge in home maintenance and saved herself every dollar, which she probably used for other investments. The furnishings were still all immaculately beautiful, with their design reflective of the era they were bought from. Carla was already thinking of how much they could make by flipping the furniture. A lot of antique collectors would be enthralled, especially since these were authentic items.

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Joyce did not realize that she was sitting on a goldmine with her exquisite furniture. It certainly added to the appeal of the home, making it more covetable. Joyce was not an interior designer, but she has always been passionate about transforming houses into a masterpiece. When she and her husband moved in, she obtained his permission to decorate the whole house. Asking only for one concession, that the master bedroom be pink-free, the husband agreed.

To her credit, Joyce did a great job of using feminine colors. Back to the current time, this posed a problem for Gladys and Carla. While the house appealed to those with feminine taste, it limited their prospective buyers. They might not be able to attract many people to view the house and buy it. Although the couple loved the house very much, they can’t help worrying about whether it was easy to sell in the future.

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However, the two were mistaken. Immediately after the listing was uploaded, it went viral and many expressed interest in purchasing it. They also negotiated the final price with Joyce, and the initial estimate of $968,000 was reduced to $699,000. Joyce and her husband were both shocked by the popularity of the house and didn’t know whether to be happy or sad.

The new owners would have to remodel the house, so that was taken into account. While no roof repair or major reconstruction was necessary, the house needed to be renovated to suit the taste of the new owners. One factor why Joyce’s house was priced higher compared to other novelty houses which sold only for $129,000 to $355,000 was the land it was sitting on. The value has appreciated over time, and fortunately, Joyce reaped the benefits in the end.

Couple Renovates House, FBI Comes Knocking


Renovating a house is not an easy feat. The expenses can add up, and if you get unlucky, the contractor might end up not doing an outstanding job. Simple roof repairs are no problem as they can be monitored closely. However, it’s different doing a whole-house renovation, especially if it includes the basement? If you want a perfect renovation, however, you will need to exert effort to make sure that nothing goes amiss in the process.

This Ohio couple in our story today was hands-on during the renovation process, and they ended up discovering something that has been hidden in their house for decades. The discovery changed their lives. Why? They have found something that even made the FBI and the police scratch their heads. Read on to learn more about the journey of the couple who were only renovating their homes, but ended up making a discovery that made the town go crazy.

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Run-of-the-mill Renovation

The 35-year-old remodeler has been living in their house built in the 1940s for some time now. He and his wife decided it was time to renovate the whole place. Renovations can be fun because you will never know what you find. The two, however, were not expecting anything special. It was because the couple were still paying off their mortgage, and their daily work pressure and trivial life were enough for them to worry about, so they didn’t have the time and energy to think about anything else.

Upon initial assessment, they realized that they needed to have their credit cards ready as the improvement was going to be extensive, which means a higher cost. The couple started with the first and second floor, and each day they slowly accomplished something. They wanted to get the renovation done so that they could live with less noise and dust.

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Work All Day

Renovating means working all day and enduring the noise that the power tools generate. The two were not mindful of the noise as they needed to get the renovation done at any cost. The house has not been touched for a long time. Some of the pipes needed to be replaced, so they had to contact plumbing services. Apart from that, the walls and ceiling of the house also needed to be renovated.

Upon finishing the rest of the house, the couple started to work on the basement. The couple was excited to renovate this part of their home. They were planning on transforming it into something modern such as a man cave while a portion of it can be used as a storage area. However, there was a surprise that would greet them, which was not expected in their life.

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The Ceiling

The basement’s ceiling appeared to be the same as others, full of cobwebs and rotting wood. There was dust everywhere, so the two were careful to a degree while navigating the basement. When the homeowners pulled the wallpaper, however, they were in for the surprise of their life.

They noticed a suitcase lodged between the sub-floor and the ceiling. It was stuck in the rafters, so the man had to exert some effort to retrieve the suitcase. It was green and apparently light even if it was made out of metal. “It could be full of pictures of the previous owners”, the wife thought. On the other hand, the husband was hoping to find old sports cards that he could sell for a premium. They pried the suitcase open, and neither of them was right.

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The Suitcase

They opened the suitcase and the husband saw three packages that were wrapped in wax paper. The paper was now brittle, so he tried to retrieve them from the green case carefully. Thankfully, the wax paper did not break. The couple were very confused and they couldn’t help wondering who had put a suitcase here, why the package was in their basement, what were in the three packages.

The wife then opened the first package and almost lost her breath. She was holding a wad of $20 bills that could probably pay off all their personal loans. In obvious shock, the two remained still for a good five minutes. This was just the first package, so what could be the contents of the second and third packages? The couple began to feel a mixture of anxiety, worry and excitement.

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The Next Package

What other surprise awaits them? The wife, after waking up from a stupor, started counting the $20 denominations. It was about a couple of grand, and then the husband proceeded to open the second package. He was all the more surprised as the package contained more money, this time denominated in $50s. There appeared to be five thousand in the second package, and it could be used to make worthy investments.

Once again, the couple were shocked by what they saw, and stood still for a moment. Now, they are wondering who left all these paper bills here. “Are the bills even authentic? Can they be used? Who stashed them here?” they thought. More questions were running through the couple’s mind as they reached out for the third package. When they opened it, the husband and wife were stumped.

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The Final Package

Seeing a pattern, the wife expected the last package to be $100 bills, and she was right. The husband counted the total amount and it was worth $23,000. What was surprising is that some of the bills were rarer than the others as most of them were uncirculated. The most significant find, however, was that the bills were all from 1928 to 1934. It seemed that there were some secrets hidden in these bills.

The wife was confused and asked why there was this much money in the house. They both agreed that they have to get to the bottom of this and investigate further. For sure, there will be clues as to the origin of the money. They would be happy, though, if they can keep the money as it could be used for their electricity and water bills.

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A Newspaper

Aside from money, the two also found some brown notes, a gold certificate, including star notes that had been uncirculated. Reaching out to check the case one more time, the husband finds a newspaper clipping that was dated March 25, 1951. They guessed that the money was hidden sometime around that year. They had no idea who owned it and would most likely need to go to City Hall to find out more.

The husband and wife did not want to get into any trouble, so they consulted a lawyer who could tell them what to do with the money. They also asked for more information on the legal ramifications of using the money. Their legal representation advised them that since they found it in a home they owned, it was theirs. The couple appeared to be a bit cautious and were ready to take some measures to reconfirm.

Page 9
Still Skeptical

Skeptical yet optimistic, the couple also got in touch with the police and the FBI to make sure that no trouble would come their way. The FBI and the police were happy to oblige and advised them that there should be no problem using the money. Even if it were from a heist from before, the statute of limitation would have long passed, and the new owners of the house were under no legal liability whatsoever.

This news had made the couple happy as they needed that extra money. They had been paying the mortgage of the house for so long and decided to use some of the money to pay for it. They were also relieved that their renovation turned into something positive for the two of them. Sure it was a topsy-turvy ride, but they ended up winning.

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Money Well-spent

With the money they accidentally discovered, the two were able to pay a portion of their house bills. They probably also topped up their insurance to make sure that they are well-covered. It is not all the time that someone discovers a treasure in their basement. Instead of hiding the money when they found, the couple used it after confirming, which was also commendable.

The couple was a great example of how they made fair use of the additional money. They could have spent it on extravagant purchases but chose not to. For them, putting money on essentials is a good move. They were blessed to receive the money and rightfully so. It is still unclear where the money came from, but where it went to was very clear. The adage says that good things happen to those who wait, or in this case, renovate.

Couple Finds Camera on the Shoreline, Looks for Owner Upon Seeing What Was Inside


Another person’s garbage can be someone’s treasure, and so the cliché says. What if while walking along the shorelines, you find something valuable and were able to identify the owner right away? Will you make money out of it or return it to the owner? Many people have found valuable items along the many coastlines in the world. If you can empty the seas, you would probably find gold, coins, art pieces, armors, and weapons all lying at the bottom of the ocean.

Our story today, however, is something intriguing. It’s about a couple who found this particular camera, which can be worth something, so she decided to look for the owners after seeing what’s in it. What could have led her to make that decision? Why not sell the camera and use the proceeds to pay off her personal loans? Read on to learn more.

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To those who have been to California, you are probably familiar with its beaches. When you are faced with the Pacific, the state is home to many lovely coves and beaches. Laguna Beach, for one, has attracted the attention of many beachgoers. It is also a good place for private gatherings and events. This location will be the setting of our story.

Maria and Nick were spending their vacation in this area. The couple were holding hands while they were walking along the shoreline, talking about everything under the sun. Of course, they avoided topics like mortgage or bills, as they were here to enjoy the view, relax, and get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Their peaceful walk, however, would not go undisturbed. A few moments later, Nick stumbled on what he thought was a rock.

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Upon closer inspection, however, it was found that he did not fall because of a rock, but something else. It was a camera, and from the looks of it, it has been buried there for a long time. The water has even gotten inside the camera as he could see some rust. Nick stared at the camera and was lost in thought, wondering why there was a broken camera here.

Maria was curious and uncovered the camera. It was a Canon and appeared to be among the latest models. The battery was corroded, so that no electricity could charge the camera now. That made sense seeing how water has already gotten inside. It was a useless find, and Nick was ready to dispose of the camera. Maria had other plans, though, as she was closely examining the camera, looking for something specific.

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Maria handed the camera to Nick and asked him to recover the photos inside them and see what they could find. Nick knows a thing or two about electronics, so he had the necessary tools. This was a long shot, due to the extreme state of the camera. He doubted that any picture could have survived as the internal memory chip was in bad shape. Considering the fact that this camera had got water inside and the battery was corroded.

Since Maria insisted on seeing what was in the camera, Nick decided to examine the camera. He took out his pliers, tweezers, and screwdrivers, and performed a post-mortem on this camera to see if anything could be salvaged. As he suspected, however, the inner workings were busted, beyond repair or recovery. It was pointless to do anything at this point.

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When he looked again, however, he noticed something blue on top of the camera. “Could the SD card have survived?” he thought. The memory chip was encased inside the plastic material so it could still be working. Using his tweezers, he carefully pulled out the blue SD card. He exerted the most significant degree of care as not to damage the memory chip.

He hoped that the inner mechanism of the SD card had not rusted, or else, they would not be able to recover any data from it. He yelled in joy after seeing that the SD card was still intact and had very little sign of damage. He smiled at Maria, telling her that he was excited to see what was in the memory card. Maria was also very happy to hear that, and she was looking forward to it.

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It is sure that no warranty or insurance can be used to repair the camera, but at least there was a chance to bring back the contents of the memory card. Nick was determined to try and recover what was inside if there was any. He inserted the SD card into his laptop’s reader, and to his surprise, was able to read it.

Images started to appear as the laptop decrypted the photos stored in the SD card. He saw a total of 500 photographs, and after seeing the contents, he knew that he had to post it on Facebook. His heart skipped a beat at every image he saw, and he wanted to find the owner of the camera quickly. Nick went online and then shared some of the images that he thought were safe to post.

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It took some time to upload these photos, and while waiting, he tried to come up with the perfect caption so it would attract the owner’s attention. He wanted this to go viral, so he wrote, “This Canon T5 w/ 75-300mm telephoto lens drank too much at this wedding in Laguna Beach and it took a nap in the ocean for a few months.”

He added, “500 photos were recovered from the SD card including this wedding that was apparently held on May 6, 2017, at Woods Cove, Laguna Beach, CA.” His Facebook feed exploded in the next few hours after posting. Many gave him credit and lauded him for posting the pictures, and everyone wanted information about the couple in the photos. It was obvious that Leo had succeeded in creating a viral post to attract the real owner.

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One user asked if there was a photo right before the camera went into the ocean. Others were also asking various questions. Meanwhile, Nick tried to get in touch with the Laguna City Hall and asked if there was any information they could provide regarding the wedding that day. Just like credit reports, however, the city hall personnel considered the information confidential and refused to release it to Nick.

Not long after, however, he would soon find out more about the people in the photo. A person named Taylor Ochoa saw the photos and recognized the groom. When she was commenting on the posts, she said that the camera belonged to the groom’s sister and that she will pass on the message to the bride. It seemed that the true owner was going to be found after several days’ efforts.

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They were able to get in touch and find out what happened to the buried camera. The couple and main subject of the photos, Kole and Heather Powell, decided to get married and celebrate it with a simple ceremony. Unfortunately, their wedding day was ruined by stormy weather as the waves grew higher and the winds became harsher. A huge wave rolled up the shores and swept everything from the camera to the handbags and belongings of the wedding guests.

All the memories of the wedding were taken by the sea. They tried retrieving the camera, but it was beyond hope. Heather Powell recalled in an ABC News interview that they were all shocked after it happened. Kole’s mom looked dejected as if she was denied a business loan. However, they did not lose hope, looking at the silver lining and focusing on the positive.

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Three months later, the couple received a call informing them that the camera has been found. The two were relieved and contacted Nick right away. They offered to pay for the courier, but Nick refused. He even created a DVD copy of the contents at his own expense. The couple promised Nick that if they ever go to California, they would pay for dinner. Nick felt so happy because he did help the couple.

Everyone gave Nick and Maria credit for retrieving the contents, and they were glad how the post went viral. He also updated his post that the owners have been found and the photos have been reunited with the owners. Heather’s mom, Susan Richard Doern, highlighted that the real loss in the event was not the camera but the memories, and it was a good thing they were retrieved! A happy ending indeed.

Father Sees Note On Child’s Schoolwork And Goes Ballistic


This is not one of those Karen stories where it appears that the father or the mother of a pupil goes to school and demands something unreasonable. The school system is supposed to be the second home of young students as they develop their academic and social skills outside of their home. As such, everyone at school is expected to have that degree of dedication in doing their work no matter how difficult it is.

Teaching primary students is no easy feat. Parents entrust their children to the school, hoping that they will be nurtured and given a chance to learn, even from their mistakes. When something breaks in the system, however, parents can become angry and demand change. This story will walk you through a parent’s horrible experience with a school and what he did about it. It will also open your eyes to the multi-faceted challenges of being a parent and a teacher.

Page 2
It All Begins with a Note

On April 16, 2019, Chris Piland was at the end of his rope. He was so much furious and livid. This was before the world had to stay at home, so there were no online classes yet, and they were mostly face-to-face. His son, called Kamdyn, came home looking sad and not himself. He was holding a piece of paper that was a bit crumpled. It appeared to be schoolwork.

Usually, Kamdyn would be proud to show him any piece of work at school, but for this one, the kid seemed reluctant to hand it over to him. He coaxed him to hand over the note. Kamdyn was almost crying as he gave the paper to his father. It was a three-minute drill exercise on math problems, and pupils needed to answer as much as they could in three minutes.

Page 3

Kamdyn was able to answer 13 items, which was about half of the problems on the paper. “Not, bad,” Chris thought. As a second-grader, he gave him credit for answering more than 10 within a short period of time. Kamdyn’s teacher, however, did not agree and wrote a scathing note on his paper. It read: “Absolutely pathetic. He answered 13 in 3 minutes. Sad :(.”

Chris was taken by surprise by the message, and his blood pressure shot up as soon as he read the note. He felt that it was an insult to his kid and that a teacher should not be saying those things. They should be encouraging students, even if they did not fare well in the activity. Chris could not contain his anger at the teacher. He suddenly remembered all the rude remarks he heard from her before.

Page 4
Drawing the Line

Chris thought that this note was the last straw and the line has been drawn. He could no longer take this matter and keep it to himself. He had to do something, and he badly wanted to get the teacher fired. Chris decided to post a photo of the schoolwork and share what happened online, so that more people could know this thing.

He did this because, for one, Kamdyn also felt terrible and agreed with his father that the teacher was mean. Teachers should be the ones showing support for the students. Even when a student is blowing gas in class, the teacher should still be able to help that person get on the right track and focus on the lesson. Clearly, it did not happen here. Instead of being the one who will protect students, the teacher was the first to bully them.

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Change.org petition

The Facebook post made by Chris drew many comments and reactions in one night. It was able to garner over 1,400 likes and has been shared 602 times. Chris realized the power of social media when someone started a Change.org petition asking that the teacher, Alyssa Rupp Bohenek to be fired. At this moment, Chris felt a little bit happy because he thought his idea was about to come true.

It was a reasonable request from his perspective and there were more than 21,000 people who agreed with him. It called for the firing of the teacher who was deemed a bully. Chris would have also filed a formal complaint with the district, but it proved to be more difficult than filing a claim for insurance. The related people from the school resisted and did not even entertain his formal complaint.

Page 6
Reaching Out

Chris reached out to Alyssa in order to get her side of the story and told her that what she wrote was highly inappropriate and can hurt the psyche of a seven-year-old. The teacher’s reply was curt: “I am sorry you feel that way”. It was non-apologetic, and it made Chris even more furious. From the perspective of Chris, the teacher Alyssa did not only repent but even intensify.

He was probably ready to contact the moving company and transfer to a different county altogether if teachers like her were allowed to continue bullying their children. Some teachers also said their piece, saying that she should be held responsible but not fired as it was too much. Chris, however, thought that if a teacher is the one demeaning a child, then the school system has failed.

Page 7
The Superintendent

The school superintendent, Rose Minniti, felt that the ongoing viral petition was damaging the school’s reputation, so that she needed to conduct an inspection. The issue should not get more out of hand. It had already gone viral, however, and the degree of anger the netizens were showing was considerably high. They all demanded that the teacher responsible be fired. The criticism of the netizens had made the school superintendent sunk in deep anxiety and stress.

Some, however, also blamed Chris for not helping his kid with the homework. For Chris, however, pupils should be guided on the right path and not given the answers. Sure, he could have answered the assignments for Kamdyn, but what would he learn? Chris simply wanted Kamdyn to learn, but he was traumatized instead and might have difficulties going to school moving forward.

Page 8
Different Techniques

Chris came up with his idea on the different techniques and took the example of selling investments. When people sell investments, they tailor their approach depending on the situation, the person, and the capacity to pay. The same should be the case when teaching, argued Chris. While other pupils in class might be faster and can answer the quizzes in three minutes, that may not be the case for all.

For this reason, what Chris was advocating was that teachers should be trained on how to properly teach their students according to the practical condition and characteristics of different students. Of course, it would be tedious to personalize for each student, but the teachers could at least adjust per student group so that no one would be left behind. Teachers should be flexible when implementing teaching strategies inside the classroom.

Page 9
The Petition

The result of this story was that the petition failed because Alyssa was not fired from the school. It succeeded, however, in bringing the issue that needs to be addressed to national consciousness. Parents who were alumni of the Valley View School and are now lawyers, doctors, and movers in the local community expressed their disgust towards the incident and hoped that teachers would be more considerate.

This does not mean they need to be lenient on the children, but they should be able to guide students to the right answers while teaching them properly. All of those who signed disagreed with bullying. As it is, bullying is wrong, and it has been amplified now that a teacher was caught committing the act. Even those who didn’t have children signed as they understand or could probably relate to the incident.

Page 10
Curious Counter-Petition

What was also interesting is that according to the original petition, a counter-petition was started asking the school to keep Alyssa on the job and has gained about 11 signatures as of that time. It seems that not everyone is against the teacher, and some people think that she should not be suspended. However, there have been no comments from the school and the district, which is worrying.

Did they take the complaint seriously? Did Alyssa receive any punishment? Why have they not released a statement? What degree of condemnation should there be for an action to happen? These are all questions that are still unanswered. To this date, Alyssa is still employed by the school if the website serves as a basis. It would be fine if she was at least suspended, but with no definite statement, the whole situation remains murky.

Firefighters Sent To Rescue Puppies, Surprised At What They Saw


Firefighters are trained not just in fire fighting but also for other skills. They can rescue cats and dogs, provide emergency medical care, and even conduct fire inspections to ensure the safety of each building. The Colorado Springs Firefighters had been a dedicated group who can be called upon any day to perform their duties. Every single day, these firefighters would come to work, drink coffee, inspect their engines, and do drills to prepare them for any action. It is possible for a fire to break out in multiple locations, and the source of the fire will play a big role in how to extinguish it.

The CSF personnel were trained in every aspect of firefighting, but it is also not usual for them to receive calls for mundane things such as animal rescue. These tasks are usually uncomplicated, but they still prepare for it anyway. In fact, you never know when a simple operation could become complicated.

Page 2
An Ordinary Day

The firefighters at the precinct have made their daily preparation and were on standby. A few were sipping coffee to help them be alert. Some were doing some simple exercises and warming up. Others were milling about as they were done with inspecting the engines. Another was checking the gas compartment of the fire engine. It was an ordinary day for the CSF firefighters until they received a call for an animal rescue.

In hindsight, there was nothing out of the ordinary hearing that call. The firemen had done various rescue missions in the past, and this was even the second one for the week. They would usually get one of these at least five times a week. A few preferred animal rescues as opposed to putting out fires as the latter meant property damage and possibly death to some.

Page 3
Animal Rescue

They usually get calls for kittens that refuse to go down a tree. There are times, however, that they also get more difficult calls, like a bear sighting. They would have to chase the bear away carefully. What they got today, however, appeared to be nothing out of the ordinary and so they calmly prepared for the rescue. To their credit, even if they were called to a blazing fire, they would still be calm. Calmness is the necessary quality in the face of fire and the basis of other rescue activities.

Firefighters are trained not to panic; otherwise, they will not be able to do their jobs properly. They also need to focus as their work usually requires split-second decisions, especially when rescuing people from any fire. The group has prided itself on being the best when it comes to firefighting and helping people in distress.

Page 4
On The Way

Turning on the sirens, a squad of firefighters made their way to the rescue site. They were advised that they were rescuing puppies that have been trapped inside a water drain. Tools were prepared, and they were already devising a strategy. A drain can usually accommodate only one or two people, so only a couple of them will do the actual rescue while the rest will take care of the crowd and the traffic.

They already had the perfect strategy in place, but they are in for a surprise. When they arrived at the scene, a group of people had already gathered. A few of them told the firefighters that the puppies had been inside the sewer for quite some time. The degree of urgency was raised as they needed to move quickly when they noticed that it was about to rain.

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Dark Skies

With dark skies and rain about to pour, the firefighters needed to rescue the pups quickly. The situation will become worse if they get swept away by the incoming water. A few people in the background could be heard complaining about the owner who left the puppies on their own. “Many of us made huge investments in our dogs, and these puppies were just left there to die!” one commented.

While inspecting the utility hole, the firefighters noticed that the puppies were very young. They could not see the mother, so only the pups were inside the small sewer. One firefighter appeared visibly affected as he remembered his dogs, thinking that he would never leave them unattended! Obviously, the poor puppies aroused the sympathy of the audience and the firefighters, who hoped that these puppies would be saved as soon as possible.

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The Rescue Continues

Knowing that they were on the clock, the team moved quickly. They could not count how many puppies were inside the drain, but they could see at least six. A team member saw two more, so that makes a total of eight puppies stuck in the sewer. One firefighter was able to single-handedly scoop the pups out of danger. Gradually, the puppies were quickly rescued by the firefighters one by one.

The animals were so small, probably newborns, that one could fit on the palm of his hand. These dogs will probably be put up for adoption after they made sure they were healthy. One of the firefighters would have wanted to take out his credit card and pay for the medical bills to get them checked immediately. However, the state usually handles these matters. Anyway, fortunately, the puppies had been saved.

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More Onlookers

As the rescue operations were underway, the crowd became denser. They were all curious about what was going on. They were not sure what happened with the pups and started asking questions. The animals, however, would be more confused because one moment they were in a dark place, and the next second, they were in a bright street, surrounded by an unfamiliar crowd. This could put undue stress on the animals, which was not good for the puppies to recover.

The crowd-control firemen then tried to disperse the crowd, advising them that the dogs had been rescued and would be taken to a veterinarian who would examine their health. After hearing the good news, the crowd felt relieved and happy very much. The crowd composed of people from all walks of life, students, workers, lawyers, and maybe even accountants, slowly went their ways.

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An Eyewitness

An eyewitness remained even after the crowd dispersed and told the firemen that the pups were carried by the current to the sewer and were not abandoned. The firefighters breathed a sigh of relief. At least the animals were not left behind and would most likely be alright. The human world did not treat these poor little animals badly, but they still needed to be protected against the harm of nature.

The eyewitness continued to narrate that she tried her best to help the animals when they were being swept under the sewer, but since she did not have the proper tools to pry open the metal cover, she was not successful. She was revealed to be the person who called 911 to relay the problem and ask for help. For sure, the woman deserves some of the credit for rescuing the pups, and the firemen thanked her profusely.

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Thinking everything was solved, the firefighters made their way to the state veterinarian so that the animals could be checked and then put up for adoption. Advocates have always said there is no need for personal loans and a considerable amount of money to have a dog as they could adopt from a shelter. However, when they arrived at the office, they were in for a shock. They didn’t believe their eyes, and stood still in a daze.

Upon careful examination of the litter, the firefighters were surprised to learn that they did not rescue eight puppies but baby foxes! How did a group of newborn foxes make their way to central Colorado? Colorado Parks and Wildlife District Wildlife Manager Travis Sauder had the answer. He said that it was common for wild animals to leave their young during that time of the year.

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The Fate of the Foxes

The fox puppies were turned over to The Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region since they would know what to do with these young animals. The organization decided to release them back to the area where they were found; hoping that the mother fox would come back. In order to ensure the safety of the little foxes, these kind people also do the following things.

The veterinarians then filled up the gas tank and headed to the location, finding a safe place. They will be monitoring the situation until the mother comes back. In case she does not, they will have to release them into the wild. One lesson that could be learned from this rescue mission is to call the experts if an animal, or even a person, needs help. It is because experts will do everything they can to help you.

Bride Receives Text On The Eve Of Wedding, Plans Something Special For Groom

Most women dream of the moment that they will walk down the aisle and marry the love of their life. As such, a great degree of preparation is needed when getting married. Planning usually happens immediately after the engagement, sometimes even before that. The couple needs to decide on who they will invite, the motif of the wedding, the place, and the time. Some would even have a prenuptial photo and a save-the-date video, making even more huge investments early on.

The bride-to-be will also host a party before the wedding where all of her girlfriends are present. A similar stag party is prepared for the groom to say goodbye to his days of being single. Others, on the other hand, would opt for a simple wedding. Whether the wedding is simple or not, it is considered a special day for both parties. That is why it is sad if a day before the wedding, something goes wrong, which is the case with our story today.

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Six Years

Cassie and Alex had been together for six years now. Both of the couple were enjoying themselves in the relationship and they thought the other person was a worthy partner. For this reason, Alex decided it was time to marry Cassie, and when he proposed, Cassie readily agreed. She was so happy during the engagement day and immediately showed everybody the ring that Alex gave him.

The two of them decided on a date shortly and then made preparations for the big day. Cassie was already thinking far ahead into the future, and she was excited to spend the rest of her life with him, mortgages, tuition, and all. She was thinking of how many kids she wanted and decided that two would be a good number. Cassie was visibly excited about the next phase of her life with Alex.

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Almost There

Several months had passed by and preparations were underway. The two had already contacted the church as well as the marriage coordinator who would take care of the nitty-gritty of the wedding. They wanted a cake, a superb flower arrangement, and good food. The reception has to be perfect as they will be inviting their closest friends and family members. The couple attached great importance to their wedding, which was after all one of the few important occasions in their lives.

They saved up for this, so the groom and bride told the coordinator to spare no expense and waved their credit cards as an assurance. They were presented with images of how their wedding day would look like, and the couple appeared to be satisfied. The couple selected a competent coordinator and could not wait for the big day.

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The Text Message

On the eve of the wedding, the bride’s girlfriends sponsored a party for Cassie. There was champagne, but no vodka and other hard drinks as the wedding was mere hours away. While the women were enjoying some food and the company of each other, Alex was at a party of his own, hosted by his friends. The couple was having the time of their life and enjoying the last few hours of being single.

So far, nothing was amiss, not until Cassie received a text from an unknown number. At this moment, the party’s laughter seemed to have been pressed pause button, Cassie’s world suddenly turned dark. The text certainly did not come from her financial advisor but from a woman who said: “I wouldn’t marry him. Will you?” Cassie’s heart raced as she opened the rest of the messages.

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Recent Messages

She saw photos upon photos of the woman’s conversation with Alex. Many of the messages were raunchy and some of the images were very explicit. The two certainly had a carnal relationship. Cassie thought this might be an ex who is merely trying to ruin their upcoming wedding, so she was skeptical at the start.

As she continued to read the messages, she noticed that the dates were recent. Cassie and Alex have been together for six years and they are already at the stage where Cassie would contact the moving company to live with Alex. Cassie suddenly remembers having a huge quarrel with Alex a few months back, but should it be a reason to cheat? Cassie’s thoughts began to get confused. She had been laughing heartless a few minutes ago, but now her heart began to ache involuntarily.

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Cancel the Wedding

Cassie could not hold back her tears as she read the rest of the messages. She could not take it anymore. One of her friends asked her if she was okay, and she showed her the messages. In no time, everyone in the hotel room knew about the situation. Everyone sympathized with Cassie’s experience and was very angry with Alex. All her girlfriends agreed that she should cancel the wedding and break up with Alex.

Cassie was on the verge of calling a lawyer and asking what case she could file against Alex. She held her wits, however, and tried to remain composed. Canceling the wedding would be a waste and a logistical nightmare. Apart from that, some of the guests took the day off so they could attend the wedding ceremony and made an effort to go to the venue.

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Therefore, it was not a good option to cancel the ceremony. Cassie, however, could not in good faith marry a cheater. There was no indication at all that he was cheating. Perhaps she did not notice the clues because they had been busy preparing for the wedding? She kept thinking if it was her fault. The usual course of action is to blame the woman for the unfaithfulness of the husband, but she is not having it. Cassie was very loyal in this relationship.

She is not to blame given that Cassie has done everything she could think of to make their relationship work. If there were insurance coverage for a relationship, she would have probably even purchased one. Cassie was so devastated that she could not let this matter slide and was already thinking of the perfect plan to exact revenge on Alex.

Page 8
The Plan

She planned to execute her revenge on the wedding day itself. The hour finally arrived, and Cassie put on her wedding dress but was crying out loud. Yesterday, it’s a long-awaited wedding, but now she still felt heartbroken. She was livid, but she had to reign in her emotions until the ceremony. She walked down the aisle with a great degree of anger visible from her eyes.

Her groom, Alex, was waiting near the altar with a broad smile. The family members were also smiling. They noticed that Cassie’s eyes were swollen and thought that they were tears of joy as she was excited about the wedding. Many of those who are about to face the altar usually experience a cacophony of emotions right before the wedding, so the inflamed eyes were not an issue. No one had an idea what was coming next.

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The Altar

Upon reaching the altar, Cassie quickly grabbed the microphone and announced: “There will be no wedding today. Alex is not the man I thought he was, and so no, I am not going to marry him.” Everyone was taken aback, including Alex who stood in the corner as if waiting for the roofing to fall down. Cassie’s relatives were perplexed, and it was apparent that they were looking for an explanation as to why the wedding was being canceled. The same goes for the relatives on Alex’s side.

“You might be asking why, so let me tell you the reason,” Cassie said. She went on to read the messages she received from an unknown woman the other day. She did not leave out the details and even showed the inappropriate photos. The atmosphere in the church suddenly fell to freezing point.

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The End

Alex didn’t seem to be surprised. Cassie was waiting for an apology but he did make one. Instead, he simply went out of the church, hopped on to his car, floored the gas, and drove away. The day should have been ruined for everyone, but Cassie was still hospitable. They still ate the cake and gave speeches encouraging each other. While the wedding did not happen as planned, Cassie thought that it was a blessing in disguise. Had she not known about Alex cheating, she would have married him that day.

Who knows what would happen in the future, right? Will Alex give up cheating? Will it continue secretly behind her back? Will he choose the other party? Will they need to get separated in the future? All of those questions and possibilities were erased because Cassie made the right decision to not marry him.

Grandmother Gets Arrested on her Birthday for Unknown Reasons


Law plays an important role in our life. For those who exerted a great degree of effort to follow the law, getting arrested can be a scary experience. Seeing so many crime investigative dramas on TV has made people scared of getting on the wrong side of the law. Anything can go wrong in so many different ways. This is why many chose to toe the line and not put themselves in a precarious situation.

For Simone Dumont, however, it was different. She has been alive on Earth for almost a century now, and she has never once broken the law. In this article, we will tell you the story of this 93-year-old grandmother, who was arrested by the police as she was celebrating the most important day of her life – her birthday. Read on to find out more about what happened to her.

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Crime is on the rise nowadays, and anyone could easily commit them. Young people, even senior citizens, can be accused of a crime and get arrested. Simone Dumont is the leading role of today’s story. She lives in Augusta, Maine. She loves everything about her city, including the lovely Kennebec River which is not a far drive from her place.

One morning, she was woken up by the chirping of the birds and was instantly reminded that it was her birthday. The birthday celebrant could not believe she was turning 93 that day. In a few years, she would be 100 – a century old. It was possible as Simone did not have any lingering illness, and to her credit, she has a fairly active lifestyle. During her downtime, she would relax and watch TV. Today, however, was extraordinary as she will be hosting a party.

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Simone invited a few family members over for a day of celebration. Her daughter, Anne, must have cooked her favorite beef stew, which Simone’s brothers also love. Anne was also the main person behind the party. She planned the party and helped Simone get ready. She selected a pretty blue top and paired it with shorts, which made her mother look elegant, despite of the fact that her hair has already turned white. She also asked her to put on some perfume and lotion.

After helping her mother get ready, Anne also made sure that the house was clean. She tucked away gas or water bills on the table and cleaned up any mess. Today was Simone’s special day, and nothing that could stress her should be present or visible. Anne really hopes that her mother will have a happy birthday.

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The first batch of visitors included Anne’s cousins and the beef stew-loving uncles. They gave each other a kiss and proceeded to chat away. Whenever they were together, they would talk so loudly that they could be heard on the next street. Anne left her uncles to make sure that electricity was being supplied to the patio since this is where they will have their barbecue later in the day.

In the meanwhile, Simone was engaged in a conversation with Anne’s cousins. They were teaching her how to use TikTok, a popular mobile application on the internet, and she was visibly amused. They were trying a couple of ridiculous dances that Simone was trying to imitate. The two uncles were amused and just watching the three. “Maybe this will go viral”, Anne whispered to herself.

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The day was going so well, and the cake was even delivered on time. Simone happily blew it while the rest of the crowd was singing her the “Happy Birthday” song. Her smile and sparkling eyes made it seem that nothing could ruin this special day. A few minutes later, Simone’s grandchildren also arrived. She immediately gave them slices of cake.

Anne reminded her to be careful as they shouldn’t have too much sugar. Simone did not mind her and continued feeding her grandchildren. The uncles were still enjoying the beef stew and will most likely ask for some to take home. Anne was prepared so she cooked two batches. She loves her two outgoing uncles, who were hardworking and have made a fortune working for an insurance company. Everything was going well until they heard the knocks.

Page 6

It was barely audible at first, but then it got more frequent and intense. Anne asked one of her children to check who the visitor was, perhaps one of their relatives was late. The child said that two Augusta Police Officers were at the door, asking for their grandmother. Simone looked surprised since she did not call the police. This reminded her of the time her cat was stuck on the tree, so she called them, but today, she had no reason to contact them.

They decided to welcome the police, even asking them to join the party. The officers, however, appeared to be serious. They were invited in, and the two immediately went to Simone. “We are inviting you to the precinct”, Officer Doody, one of the policemen, said as he reached for the handcuffs. Obviously, Simone was affected.

Page 7

“Why are you arresting me? What did I do? Did my business loan default and they sent you after me?” The other officer just said that they could not tell her why. “Ma’am, come with us to the precinct, please. We can explain later.” The guests were confused as they did not know what was happening. They are not aware of any wrongdoing that Granny Simone has done.

She was the perfect mother, aunt, and grandmother. She would not even hurt a fly, so why was she being arrested? Why are the cops being stubborn and not revealing why she was being detained? One of the uncles interjected and said, “I know a lawyer, I will call him now. You are not taking her anywhere without legal representation!” Anne, however, stepped in and said that she will accompany Simone to the precinct, and if needed, she will ask for help.

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Officer Doody, out of respect for Simone, handcuffed her gently. He then led her to the police car. The other officer asked her to sit in front while Officer Doody and Anne sat at the back. Before they went inside, Anne talked to one of the uncles, perhaps to get the number of the attorney. After they went inside the vehicle, the other officer, now the driver, slowly drove away.

He asked Simone if she knows how to turn the siren on and if she wanted to. “This is one weird way to make small talk”, thought Simone. She obliged, however, as she has always been curious about it. The grandmother was extra careful when she turned it on. She was shocked by the noise as it sounded like the home security system of three houses alarming simultaneously. She loved the experience, nonetheless.

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The car slowed down as they inched closer to the police station. He did not floor the gas as he usually did because they were ferrying a senior citizen detainee. Upon arrival at the station, Officer Doody escorted the handcuffed Simone to the officer’s desk. People were looking with curiosity. As Simone approached the desk, she noticed a big box labeled as “Evidence”.

She was wondering what that evidence was, then the other officer proceeded to open the box. There was a cake inside that read “Happy Birthday, Simone! – from the Augusta Police Station.” She was visibly shocked and confused. She thought she was being arrested, but she was not sure anymore. It dawned on her – she was pranked! She turned to her daughter, Anne, who was trying to suppress her smile in the corner.

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“Did you plan this?” Simone asked as everyone in the precinct started singing. “Yes”, Anne replied. It was revealed that Simone was a huge fan of the crime TV drama series “Cops” and had always had the highest degree of admiration for the police officers in the area. Anne, knowing this, made this elaborate plan and coordinated with the Augusta police, who willingly obliged and proceeded to “arrest” the elderly Simone.

They took all sorts of precautions and made sure that Simone was in excellent health before proceeding with the prank. In the end, they also made her a junior police officer, giving her a badge with her name on it. Simone could only say “You made my day,” while smiling broadly. It was a birthday like no other indeed.

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