Celebrity Private Island May Surprise You

The rich and the famous have always had some advantage when it comes to their lifestyles. Unlike regular folk, they are able to spend on premium services. If there’s one luxury they don’t have, however, it’s privacy. This is why they are willing to pay high costs just to get it. Some people go for business class when flying commercially, while the A-listers make investments toward getting their own plane instead. Whether they’re travelling for work or for pleasure, our favourite idols will always travel in style.

With that in mind, you can just imagine how lavish their vacations must be. You will hardly find these celebs in the usual tourist spots people visit! Instead, they take peace and relaxation a degree higher and opt for the most exclusive holidays their money can afford. Suffice to say, owning private jets and yachts really helps.

So, if you’ve ever wondered what your favourites might be up to during their holidays, let us clue you in. You might be surprised at how much personal island retreat!

Brooke Shields | Island

If you think of Brooke Shields as just a pretty face and a sweet leading lady with only beauty products and designer clothes in her mind, think again. There has to be a smart investor underneath those eyebrows. Unlike other private islands located in tropical places around the world, Brooke Shields’ private sanctuary is a rustic wonderland. Emerald Island, located in New York, looks like it had been pulled out of a fairytale. The island is 8.5 acres in size and houses a mansion made of old stone, wood, and brick chimneys.

The house is beautiful all by itself but its surroundings really complete the picture. The Old English ambiance of the place makes it feel like you are far from the busy city. The actress has been residing in it for years. Is this the real secret to her still youthful looks? Being close to nature will make a difference when it comes to one’s mindset, creating a degree of serenity and peace of mind.